Ebay Gift Card Hack Free Download last update 2015

Ebay Gift Card Hack


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Ever wanted to hack a Ebay Gift Card? Well now you can, because this tutorial will show you a simple yet effective method to Hack Ebay Gift Carda simply through this Hack !

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Turbo Racing League Hack

Turbo Racing League Hack

Turbo Racing League itself is actually a very fun kart-style racing game. By that I mean it’s very casual and arcadey, with a heavy emphasis on drifting and hitting turbo pads spread along the track Turbo Racing League Hack
. The game’s 9 courses are all made out of real-life mini locations like a kitchen table or a garage, and you can trick Turbo out with spoilers for his shell that give him improved attributes Turbo Racing League Hack .

Turbo Racing League Hack Screenshot

Turbo Racing League Hack Features

  • Add Unlimited Tomato’s
  •  Add Unlimited Money
  •  Add Special Skills
  •  Add Special Items

How to use Turbo Racing League Hack

  • Download the game here
  • download i-Fun Box for Windows  to add the file into the file listed below.
  • download the hacked file
  • extract zip and place the file in /var/mobile/Applications/TURBO/TURBO.app
  • set permissions 777 (optional if overwritten file)
  • launch game. 
  • Hope you enjoy

Turbo Racing League Hack Cheats

Download the Turbo Racing League hacks, cheats, tool, trainer 100% working on Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS that will give you free unlimited tomatoes and tomato doubler. You can utilize the tomatoes generated by Turbo Racing League cheats tool. Turbo Racing League Android and iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS trainer is easy to use and you can easily add amount of Turbo Racing League tomatoes in your account with just a few clicks of button. This is the answer to the question how to hack or cheat Turbo Racing League and how to get infinite tomatoes. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk in Turbo Racing League iOS and Android cheats, hacks and trainer.Turbo Racing League hack  will give you free unlimited Turbo Racing League Hack tomatoes and tomato doubler. You can utilize the tomatoes generated by Turbo Racing League cheats tool. Turbo Racing League Android and iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS trainer is easy to use and you can easily add amount of Turbo Racing League tomatoes in your account with just a few clicks of button. This is the answer to the question how to hack or cheat Turbo Racing League and how to get infinite tomatoes.
Our team organized to make something for you dear players, and this is a system to hack the game Turbo Racing League. We are happy to exhibit you Turbo Racing League Hack Tool .
Turbo Racing League Hack Tool has been discharged and now with the assistance of this hack device you can genearte the things in the diversion in only seconds. It’s made by our professional designer and it`s really easy to use it and it`s truly simple to utilize it. This requisition is tried and considered tackling major working Platforms like Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac Os X.Our underground racing phenomenon is no longer a secret!Head down to the Garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own sweet ride! Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top of the Leaderboards.

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Criminal Case v2.6.1 Mega Mod APK is Here ! [UPDATED]

Criminal Case
Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the killers. Are you ready to prove your detective skills?
  • Investigate crime scenes in a grim and corrupt city
  • Play with your friends to be the best detective ever
  • Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence
  • Interrogate witnesses and suspects
  • Bring the killer to justice
Mega Mod Info
  • Max Gold
  • Max Energy
  • Max Boosters
  • Max Hints
  • Max Stars
  • No Hints Cooldown
  • Instant Analysis
  • Unlock all items
  • No Teammate Cooldown
  • Remove cheat detection
  • Unlock All Future Case. (You have to download it before you go to it or it will still be locked.)
  • Unlock International World Case
Credits : DaiCaVN
Direct Download Link How To Install ?
  1. Uninstall Any Previous Version of Criminal Case
  2. Download and Install Mod APK From the Links Given Below
  3. Done, Enjoy.

Criminal Case v2.6.1 Mega Mod APK (43 MB) / Mirror 1 / Mirrors

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Farmville 2 Hack - 0 Favors needed on upgrades 2015

Upgrading anything can be a pain when you have to have so many Favors in order to do so. So this is by far the simplest way to get upgrades with only the cost of coins:
1. Open your game and let it load completely.
2. Run your Cheat Engine (mine is 6.4), and open your process of choice. I'm using Mozzilla Firefox, it's the second FLASH plugin. Note: When I use Chrome, I have to search a little (usually the 3rd or 4th on the list).

3. Next, Change the Value Type to String and type in 'favors'. Scan. This is what it should look like.

Note for Chrome users: If there are only a few listed, you have the wrong process. Try another until you get a long list of results.

4. From here, all you have to do is click on one of the address, followed by pressing "Ctrl+A". Once highlighted, hit your red arrow to move them down to your emtpy box. Repeat the process of selecting an address and hitting "Ctrl+A". Next, Press 'Enter' (or right click to go through the selection yourself.)

5. Change your Value to 'coins', and hit okay.

6. Finally, this should be your result when you go into your Upgrade section. Please keep in mind that you still have to have the coins. And like most cheats, do not abuse this and over use it.


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League of Legends Cheats 2015

1. Are There Cheats for League of Legends?
Yes, there are scripts that you can use to automate actions, such as abilities and last hitting and there are hacks that allow you to change your UI, Camera and similar features. There are also some rare bots that can level up accounts for you and farm RP slowly, but those often get reported and banned. However, there are NO RP or IP Generators or similar.

2. Is Cheating in League of Legends legal and will I get banned?
Cheating is 100% legal in any country in the world. Since there are really no game-breaking cheats available for LOL, Riot is not all that concerned with banning cheaters. You will not get banned, unless you use farming bots to level or scripts at an official Riot event in front of an audience.

3. How much do Paid League of Legends Cheats Cost?
Advanced scripts that allow you to automate various different abilities, summoners, dodging and so on can cost between 5$ and 20$ per month on average. Prices are pretty high, since the code needs to be updated regularly.

Ask a Question / League of Legends Forum Section

You will find more in-depth information and pictures below, to find League of Legends cheats, click here.

For Educational Use Only 
League of Legends Cheats
Cheats for League of Legends in essence include any and all methods, techniques or software that can help you to perform better in ranked matches, level up faster, grind more IP or play more efficiently. Cheats can either be achieved manually or using software, such as hacks, jungle timers, counter tools or even bots. The most commonly used kind of cheat in League of Legends are Zoom Hacks that allow you to customize your camera view and Jungle Timers that allow you to accurately keep track of the spawn time on jungle creeps. Less popular, but more effective: Key combo bots are used to unleash spell combinations, aiming skill shots, automatically smite and ignite an a lot more. Keystroke bots are probably the most effective kind of cheating software for LoL out there at the moment when it comes to performing better in ranked games.


Champion and Lane Pick Tools
Software that chooses champions and Lanes for you is especially useful if you want to play a very popular champion or one that just got newly released and want to ensure that no one picks him before you do. Unless other people are using a similar piece of software you are guaranteed to get the champion you want to play as, as long as he is available to you. This way you should never be stuck to play League of Legends with a champion that doesn’t appeal to you or that you don’t even know at all. Having a fast internet connection will contribute to your success if you are using auto picking tools in LoL, since the software can only pick, if the champion selection has been loaded. This kind of exploit is generally undetected.

Camera and Zoom Hacks
Camera tools allow you to gain a tactical advantage by increasing your field of view and camera customization. Certain Zoom Hacks allow you to see the whole map, zooming in and out as far as you would like and thus give you a lot more information and flexibility than you would usually have with the fixed default zoom in League of Legends. These kinds of mods can also increase your draw distance and rotate your camera to achieve 3rd person perspective and similar effects. These kinds of hacks can be detected by server-sided checks, but so far riot has never cared much about doing so. So far no one has gotten his account banned for using camera tools. I guess Riot is more interested in the money these people spend, than getting rid of them.

Jungle Timer Tools
Jungler Tools are another kind of very powerful cheat that can really make a difference if you are playing as a jungler. A Jungle Timer lets you know exactly when a camp is going to respawn and should make your jungle farming a lot more effective; allowing you to level up more quickly and buy better items with the surplus of gold you will farm. If you are looking to really play League of Legends competitively, you will definitively need a tool like that or a really hyperactive brain to make up for it. This tool will display a countdown for all camps: wolves, red buff (lizard elder), blue buff (ancient golem), wraiths, dragon and baron nashor. Some jungle timers are overlayed, others injected into the game, some keep track automatically, others need to be triggered manually. Generally however, timers are undetectable and a really handy tool to have; good for jungling and good for preventing counter jungling as well.

Range Display Hacks
These kinds for cheats for League of Legends display the range or a lot of different game mechanics: Your auto attack range, tower range, enemy vision range, enemy attack range, spell range, smite range, ignite range and even experience range. Of course most of these tools will allow you to turn different overlays on and off. Generally they display range by simply drawing a cycle around a champion or tower.

League of Legends Hacks (Zoom Hack)

League of Legends Bots
Bots can do all sorts of different things in League of Legends. They are quite useless when it comes to playing matches, since LoL is a very skill-heavy game and an AI can’t really compete with the human mind here. However, bots can trigger certain mechanics a lot faster than a human being ever could: Auto smite, iginite, heal, potions, even auto killing spell combos. – Everything is possible using a bot to automatically press keys for you and taking care of those things that are need a really good reaction time if done manually. Bots can automatically chat for you using hotkeys for stuff like “gj”, “thanks” or “n00b”, they can use items for you at a certain amount of health or they can drink potions for you. Bots can overall be really useful for a competitive player and are undetectable.

The most effective use of bots or scripts in League of Legends is performing combos: The bot will unleash either a normal or full combo automatically at the hold of a button. Especially on very “skill-heavy”, non-mana-based outplay champions like Katarina these kinds of bots are really effective. If you are looking to get into higher tiers of the league, this kind of bot will be really helpful when farming LP. Of course a bot can’t get you to challenger: If you want to be a real pro, you will still have to be quite skilled at the game, even if you are using bot s and hacks to enhance your gameplay. If you compare the performance of a script with the mechanics of a pro, you will not really notice much of a difference. And we all know that one does not get into challenger with mechanical skill alone.

Other League Cheats and Tools
There are even more useful tool to use: Such as last hit markers that mark minions that can be last hit by your auto attack, making it easier to farm more gold in lane. There are also counter picking tools that will show you counter matchups for any champion in the game. And there are even more kinds of tools that you will be able to find on our sit. Have fun.

LOL “Drop Hacks” and DDoS to Disconnect other Players
First of all let it be said that we do not recommend you use this kind of hack or attack. Not only is it harmful to the game, it’s community and other players, but especially when it comes to DDoSing it is also illegal. However, since this is an educational site we want to provide you with information. For the longest time it was possible to disconnect other players form the game and therefore gain a huge advantage by either sending certain packets or DDoSing other players. The packet drop hack only works with champions that have some kind of “clone” or “companion” ability (annies tibber, shaco double, leblanc clone, wukong clone ect). The hack would then activate the ability, but instead of just sending one packet, it would send a whole bunch and that would get the clients to disconnect. As far as we know this kind of hack was never really officially sold or published, but it was a private hack that only selected members had access to. Obviously this kind of hack can be extremely powerful to move up the ranked ladder. To this day there are a few challenger players that are suspected of DDoSing  and packet drop hacking. DDoSing however is a whole different beast: This is an illegal activity whereby the hacker exploits an open skype connection or similar in order to connect to that client from a lot of different sources, sending requests and therefore overloading the clients connection and making him/her disconnect (dc) from the game. There have also been instances where people have DDoSed the actual League of Legends servers. Ne condemn both of these cheating techniques, since they are harmful to a game we love.

Riot Points and Influence Points Hacks in League of Legends
Selling Riot Points is the primary way that League of Legends makes money for its developers. The selling of Riot Points is primarily fueled by the scarcity of Influence Points. So do you really think, that Riot will let you hack your RP and IP and rob them of their revenue? – No they certainly will not.

As in every MMO values like money, health and experience are processed on the game servers (lol servers) and it is impossible to change those values without committing a crime (hacking). So please do not believe all the people out there claiming to have working IP and RP hacks. It is simply impossible to change those values and all they want is to scam you. They either want you to fill in survey, so they ge money, to click monetized links or even to steal your login information.
It is really quite logical: Imagine there actually were a way to change your Influence Points. The method would go viral within hours and after a few days every League player out there would use it, Riot Would stop making money and the exploit would either be patched within hours or Riot would have to close shop and League of Legends would cease to exist.
So please: Do not ever trust anyone ever again that claims that he/she can help you get free RP or IP. If you are pissed about those people that are trying to scam you, then please like the video above on YouTube and leave a comment, so it will outrank the scammy videos in Google. Thanks.

Dodging Ranked Games and Climbing the Ladder faster
This is not necessarily a cheat, but a very frowned upon method of climbing ranked faster. – Keep in mind that you need skill to climb and this method alone won’t help you at all. Do you know the kind of game that when you are in the pick-ban phase, you already know that this is not going to end well? – Either your team does not communicate at all, or you have 3 people calling mid and raging, you have a 5 AD team or a Yi support. – Now you might think that finding a way to dodge these games would increase your win rate and help you climb faster and get higher ELO and you would be right is assuming that. Now while game dodging is not required (and many pros don’t usually do it) for you to teach the higher tiers, such as plat, diamond, master or even challenger, it is certainly useful. Because if you recall correctly, you probably lost most of the games that you had a very bad feeling about in the pick-ban phase, right?

So what you need for this technique to work is some ingenuity and some experience in playing ranked: If you have the distinct feeling that your team comp is highly inferior to the enemy team or that the people you are playing with are not going to perform, then try to dodge the game OR get someone else to dodge. Doing the first will cause you to lose LP (League Points); so it might not be what you want to go for. Try to convince your teammates to dodge the game: You can do this by acting as if you had to go and eat, act as if you had technical difficulties, your connection was lagging out, you were crazy and so on. In Silver I have found that the most effective way is to go support, since it is always left open, show the other players the weakness of the team composition and pick a champion that helps that out. – So if you lack tanks, pick a tank, if you lack AP then pick an AP. After that I tell them that I will have to make up for their mistake and steal farm from my ADC and that my last-hitting is incredibly good. Now either they will agree or they will dodge, works almost all the time. There are many ways of getting others to dodge: Just make them feel as if they were certain to lose if they don’t dodge. If you pretend to have problems or to need to afk, then be serious, act serious. If you want to act insane then do that: The insanity method works well, but requires a lot of typing usually. Be creative find your own way to get others to dodge and climb the tanked ladder faster.

Scripting & Use of Scripts
“Scripting or Scripts” is another way of referring to the use of bots in order to perform certain actions: Scripts can automatically react to your environment and do things like automatically ignite, smite, heal, ect, they can automatically use flash or movements to dodge certain skill shots, scripts can automatically unleash a champions whole combo so for example on LeBlanc the combo would be E, Q, W, R on a target. Scripts can perform a lot of other actions either at the press of a button or automatically once the environment dictates it: Automatically activating potions (HP, Mana), automatically using item actives, such as Zhonya's Hourglass, DFG ect. The possibilities are literally never ending and scripts are most likely the most overpowered kind of cheat that you can get to actually increase your performance in Solo Queue. What scripting essentially does is to replace mechanical ablilty with PC generated output. The downside to scripting is that any experienced player can tell that you are doing it and at a certain level (Master, Challenger) you are very likely to get reported a lot and get banned eventually. So overall it is effective, but won’t make you a pro League of Legends player.

Refer-a-Friend Botting – RAF Abuse
The refer a friend system allows people to use a custom link and invite others to join League of Legends in exchange for IP, skins and back in the day even Riot Points. – This system has been heavily exploited over the years, since it was one of the easiest ways to get a lot of Champions unlocked quickly. A lot of people tried to game the system manually by registering smurfs through their man accounts referral link and got some extra IP, however these were not the real offenders. Huge LoL account selling sites and traders soon started to use bots to automatically join through referral links and used bots to farm them up to level 10/20 in private games, ARAM matches and Dominion matches. They would queue up 10 to 14 bots at the exact same time at low-traffic times and get whole matches of bots that they could use to get maximum IP per match. These bots are frankly quite impressive, since they actually buy legit items and use correct spell rotations. These bots usually follow human players around and automatically attack enemy players. A lot of people made a lot of money using this exploit to not only get a lot of IP and champions on their accounts including the ultra-rare RAF skins, but then selling these botted accounts for real money online. But as more and more account sellers joined the trend, Riot finally realized the extent of the problem and announced that they will reorganize the Refer-a-Friend System in 2014. By the time you are reading this, this kind of exploit will most likely have been dealt with.

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The new GTA 5 Online Money Hack for players is now here

Screenshot of gta 5 money tool

Online Based

This GTA 5 online money hack is not something you have to download. You don´t have to fear any viruses when using this tool since it is available online and your device will stay 100% safe while using this tool.

Updated Weekly or Daily

This is a new tool, but it has also been tested by a small group of selected people before making it publicly available. You can always rest assured that this tool is up-to-date and working as it should.

Supports Multiple Platforms

Yes, this is right. This money hack tool supports XBox, Playstation and PC platform, whatever your model may be.
User accounts are on three different setups, one for XBox, one for Playstation and one for PC, no model specific servers. This tool has access to all these servers and can generate free GTA Online money to all three of these platfroms. Cool, right? Doesn´t matter what console/PC you prefer, we got you covered!

GTA 5 Money Hack Tool [100% Working]

Posted by My games 0 comments
We will provide GTA 5 Money Hacks  Unlimited Gold No Surveys No Password to download for free. Get the Hack Cheats Hack Tool and you’ll surely enjoy the game to the maximum.  How to Hack GTA 5   for PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4? Do not worry You Can find here.
With our Trainer you can get Unlimited money, ammo and Unlocked all weapon . Our soft works on all Android and iOS devices. It does not require any jailbreak or root. Our GTA 5 money Hack tool is very easy to use.  Hacked tool is clean of viruses and very easy to use. Alot sites for cheat tools given on the internet but you have to pay. The cheats and hacks provide a very valuable generator of resources that will be otherwise difficult to get and really time-consuming.

Definitely we are sure you have noticed quite a long time about the game GTA 5 with a positive impression Sagat. We also do not hesitate to crown as the best open world game we've played, even able to offer a quality that has never existed even though the class game Watch Dogs though. With the story content and vrian mission bergitu much different from previous versions. GTA 5 we do not need to doubt is the best open world game today, he even said to redefine the genre as a whole and has been offering a new standard with the concept of the "Free World" with a quality that is not easy to beat. The presence of three main characters in this game not only offers a new gameplay innovations, but also a new storyline and also offers a new gameplay innovations. You will also be involved in the planning process and the selection of the crew in the GTA 5. This game has been throwing a large-scale crime formula film hollywood style in the palm of your hand. More great has been combined with the quality of detail, music and a myriad of activities that you can do and this game has facilitated the hopes and desires you to enjoy an open-world gaming.

GTA 5 Hack Instruction:

  1. Click Download Button
  2. Automatic link download to your PC
  3. Install
  4. Game has been hacked
  5. Play game for Free Enjoy it!
- See more at: http://www.gamezhacktool.com/2015/04/gta-5-money-hack-tool-100-working.html#sthash.OF65JPNi.dpuf

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SimCity BuildIt Hack for SimCash & Simoleons – Android & iOS

SimCity, a name that almost everyone in the world is familiar with, fans of the iconic game have been on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the newest release of the SimCity family. In the midst of it soft launch in countries such as New Zealand and Canada, many enthusiasts have been playing and enjoying the game.
SimCity BuildIt follows the general outline of previous SimCity games; you are in charge of creating a brand new bustling metropolis, whilst ensuring that you’re also taking care of your citizens by building enough water towers and power stations, this makes sure that your citizens are well cared for and given what they need.
SimCity is NOT your average city builder game, it isn’t just a copy of the vastly popular CityVille, created by Zynga, EA have created a game with much more to offer its players.
You can improve the overall happiness of your citizens by building scenic nature parks by their homes rather than inconveniently placing ugly factories near their homes.
This game offers actual city management rather than sitting around waiting until your money builds up and you can build a new house, in this game you act as a real mayor of a city would do.
You start off the game with a nicely sized piece of land, on which you are to start building you own neighborhoods and cities. The action is initially evenly paced, there are no timers on buildings either, so you’ll have a great city before you know it.
SimCity BuildIt is currently running version 1.2.12 and requires your device to be running at least iOS version 7.0 or later. It is currently available to play in multiple languages, however has only been released in a select few countries as part of EA’s soft launch of the game, you can see if the game has been released in your region by checking your app store either through iTunes or on your device, you can also leave a comment on the SimCity BuildIt Facebook page. There is no set worldwide release date as of yet, however it is expected to fully release within the next few months. It can be downloaded for free for those who are able, with the option to purchase various SimCash packages. The overall app store rating is four stars, however the current update has been rated with a mere two and a half stars, the majority of reviews for the current update err on the negative side, with some positive feelings from a handful of players.
There are six different SimCash packages available for purchase from the in app store. Ranging from $4.99 to $99.99 (CAD). This cash can be used to purchase premium buildings and various other things.

SimCity BuildIt Hack for SimCash & Simoleons – Android & iOS

Sim City Build It is probably the best mobile version of SimCity we’ve seen yet.  Experienced SimCity players already know how important it is to have lots of Simoleons or SimCash in order to build the best city possible.  Unfortunately SimCash costs real money and it can take a long time to save up Simoleons for your projects.
That’s why we’ve added the hack for SimCity BuildIt to AGC.  It’s been tested to work on both Android and iOS devices and is totally free to download.  You can download the hack onto your mobile device right here on this page.  Once you have downloaded the BuildIt hack tool onto your phone, you’ll see a screen like the one pictured below.
First of all, you need to select which type of device you are using to play SimCity Buildit, either iOS or Android.  Then tap the “Connect Device” button to link the hack tool to your SimCity BuildIt account.  Once the hack is connected, just type in the amount of Simcash and Simoleons you want to add to your account.  You can also check the “Double XP” box to earn 2x the amount of experience points you normally would as you play the game.
After you’ve entered the information needed, just tap the “Start Hack” button to begin the hack process.  It usually only takes about 20-30 seconds for the hack tool to finish working.  The SimCity BuildIt hack will notify you once the hack is complete.  Open up your SimCity BuildIt app to check if that Simoleons and SimCash have been successfully added to your account.  Now you can build the biggest and best version of SimCity possible without having to worry about running out of SimCash or Simoleons!

SimCity BuildIt Tips & Cheats

It’s always difficult to pick up on any tricks in brand new games with a limited release; I managed to play around with this game despite it not being released in my country yet to get a sense of what the hype was about. I quickly picked up on a couple things that anyone should apply to their playing experience. First of all, keep an eye on your resources, try to bank as many as you can so when you really need to use them later, you won’t have to go on a mad scramble to try and rustle up what you need only to find that you’re going to have to wait several hours until you can collect from your other buildings.
Since this is a city management game, the happiness of your citizens should always be put before any new building you may want to start work on, if you’ve ot an unhappy citizen, whatever project you want to work on needs to be put on the back burner until that single citizen is happy. Don’t forget that parks will boost happiness and popularity of the surrounding homes, so if you need to build something, build a few parks around your less popular areas of town. Also, ensure that you’ve properly placed fire departments throughout your city otherwise you could end up having an inferno on your hands and no firemen to save the screaming residents, and you’ll never be able to live with yourself again.

SimCity BuildIt Review

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the SimCity games, so I was somewhat apprehensive when I heard about the soft release of SimCity BuildIt, I was somewhat apprehensive and had to try it for myself.
Luckily, this is one of those rare few games on the market that does not require an internet connection and will work offline, which is a feature that will definitely draw more players. I also really like how there are no construction timers on your new buildings at the beginning of the game; this is a feature that I especially hate in every other city building simulation out there.
I like how SimCity BuildIt has stayed true to its roots and the overall structure of the game hasn’t changed all that much, you are the city’s mayor and you have to work on making it even better to make your population grow. You are responsible for the happiness of your citizens, which you can maintain by providing fire houses, energy, water and other various resources.
The tutorial is fairly short but very informative and allows you to learn everything about the game that you need to, you’re quickly thrown into the action once the tutorial is over, without feeling confused or left without a clue of what you’re supposed to be doing to make your city thrive.
I was drawn to this game very quickly, gathering lots of resources, upgrading all of my buildings, organizing my buildings neatly so I looked like and OCD freak and just generally taking care of all the little people who lived in my domain. There was always something to do, so I really didn’t feel the need to close the game.
Sadly, this does seem to be yet another one of those games that are discreetly pushing themselves onto you, trying to get you to buy premium currency that you might not want, need or even be able to afford. Several users have complained about spontaneously losing their entire games and only to be met by silence when they turned to EA for help in resolving their issues. With every new update comes drastically changing prices, less resource supply demands being met and even reduced range for buildings like the fire station. I can understand that this is a very new game and they are just trying to work the kinks out of it, but to me, it just seems like they’re throwing even more new kinks into the productivity and popularity of the game.
As you work on leveling up, you begin hitting brick walls in your progress. You begin to see timers appearing on your construction jobs and resource wait times, first waiting for only a minute, but quickly having to wait upwards of twenty minutes to collect your resources. You are also soon limited with how many buildings you able to create so your formally steady pace quickly grind to a near halt as it becomes controlled by the dictatorship of the game. I quickly had nothing to do but to play the waiting game in regards to my dwindling resources. The action of the game slowed down so much that I just ended up quitting out of the game until a push notification popped up telling me my resources were ready to collect.


Artwork: I give SimCity BuildIt an 8/10 for its artwork. The graphics of this game a beautifully done, the artists have clearly paid great attention to even the smallest of detail of the shadows and lighting. I love the art provided for the change from night to day and day to night.
Music and SFX: I give the game a 6/10 for its music and SFX. Whilst the music to this game is definitely fun and full of spunk, the sound effects used are cheesy and stereotypical and make me just want to mute my game.
Story and Originality: I give the game a 4/10 for its story and originality. While at first it seems like an awesome new original game with nothing like it out there, as you get deeper into the game, you find yourself realizing that many features of the game are really no different than popular games like Farmville, CityVille or even Family Guy: TQFS. They just took a concept that worked for them in the past, made it free to play with the option to buy premium currency and hoped like hell it was a hit. Sadly with all the changes they’ve been making, I don’t think they’ll have the ragingly successful game that they hoped they might have.
General Gameplay: I give the game a 5/10 for its general gameplay. I feel like this game just deceives you right from the beginning, it promises to be this game that is so utterly different from every other city building sim out there, but it’s just lying. The tutorial promises this action filled, exciting and competitive city builder, but it just fails to deliver, between the wait times and ending up with absolutely nothing to do, I’m not so sure this game is worth my time.
Addictiveness: I give this game a 5/10 for its addictiveness. Had the game carried on the way it had begun, I could have easily gotten addicted to this game. However, with the drastic changes withing so little time of playtime, I was more inclined to just delete the app and use the device for something more fun like a calculator or something.
Overall, I rate SimCity BuildIt 5/10.

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