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With Smart Unlock you can skip the lock security while connected to a trusted Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. No slide, pin, pattern or facial recognition will be requested while connected to trusted devices. This app works on android 4.1+ and does not need root or any other software.
This app bypasses both the slide and the secure lock screen when enabled and connected to a trusted environment, meaning if you press the power button to wake the device, you’re immediately shown your home screen.
We hope you can help us to find test our just released app in several diferent devices, and report any malfunction or bug if found.
A 7 days trial version of Smart Unlock can be found at google play, but after that time the app will ask to purchase the full version.
To avoid this issue and give a better app to the community, we have created a special version of Smart Unlock for XDA members. This XDA version is limited to 3 trusted devices , but you can use the app as long as you wish.
download (here)
IMPORTANT!!!!!: Some issues found with Samsung Galaxy series with touchwiz. We are working to find a solution. Please do not leave bad reviews because of this. On google play we have excluded the app for donwload for those devices on Google
To Do list: (our next things to implemtent for near future)
– BLE (bluetooth low energy) We will try make the app compatible with smartbands and smartwatchs that uses BLE.
– Add NFC
– Try to solve the issues with samsung and/ create a samsung edition of the app.
– Manual lock button without “close and exit” app.
– Can I use Slide to unlock when connected to trusted devices instead of no lockscreen?
No, we can only set Slide to Unlock in secure areas if we configure the PIN inside our app, exactly like similar apps do. We do not like this because you can not use lock pattern for example. We prefer to keep the app without slide to unlock at secure areas but in addition you can select pin/pattern and use system default settings.
– Can Smart Unlock work with Smartbands and SmartWatchs?
We are working on it. We may have a working apk soon.
– The application does not work with my bluetooth device
Maybe you have a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This kind of bluetooth are not supported yet, although some models works, we are working on it. In the meanwhile you need a normal bluetooth device like Car audio, Parrot or any BT loudspeaker. The bluetooth device must be paired/connected to the phone os tablet.
– Sometimes the app stops working or/and has been closed.
Make sure your are not using any task killer or memory optimizer that stops apps in background. If you are using any of those apps, you can add smart unlock in their exceptions list.
Here you have some of the detected incompatible apps but there may be more:
– Clean Master
– ES Task Manager
– SONY Smart Connect
– Llama (profile manager)
– ACDisplay
– Snaplock Locker
– Gravity Screen Pro
– Airwatch
– Is this app compatible with my SAMSUNG device?
Sorry but we can not make the app to work with most SAMSUNG devices due to samsung modifications in the native android lockscreen keyguard.
But the app is working properly on Samsung Google Edition or with custom ROM like CyanogenMod.
– When NFC and Location features will be implemented?
We can not guarantee an exact date. Actually we are working on improving the stability of the application before continuing adding new features.
Hope you can help us with our testing. We are listening for suggestion
Thanks for your time
IMPORTANT!!!!!: We can not make the app to work with most SAMSUNG phone because they have modified the lockscreen keyguard native in android. Only working properly on samsung google edition or with custom roms like cyanogen.
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